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October 22, 2019

The basic of contract fabrics construction

Close to 300 people from 70 leading contract companies took the Textile Fundamentals training!

As a true trendsetter, Duvaltex has always been a leader in the textile industry, providing innovative solutions for office panel, seating, wall covering, healthcare cublicle curtains, and acoustic.   Part of our core values is to enlighten and educate our partners such as interior designer, textile specifiers, facility managers, architects, In-house interior designer for office furniture manufacturers, and much more.
Many years ago, we've created the well renowned bi-annual event: Textile Fundamentals. These classes are open to all our customers and to new Duvaltex employees interested in increasing their technical knowledge to better understand the process behind the woven fabric.

From fiber to fabrics

Textile fundamentals is a two-day immersion class to learn about how fabrics are made.  Starting from yarn making, dyeing, design, weaving, testing and finishing, you will appreciate and understand all the nuances of textile production.  Guided tours will take you along the entire process and operation.

  • Yarn:  the fiber difference between natural vs synthetic yarns and their physical properties
  • Color Dye:  the difference between stock dye, yarn dye and piece dye
  • Warping and weaving
  • Design:  Jacquard vs Dobby
  • Fabric Testing:  in compliance to ACT Industry Standards
  • Fabric finishing
  • Sustainable manufacturing pratices in textiles

A little bit of history

The first Textile Fundamentals class was hosted in 2012 at our Guilford plant in Maine. Two classes were held every year -- one in spring and the second during fall.   Since 2012, 274 people from 70 companies have attended the classes.  This is the first year our mill in St-Georges, Canada will be hosting the classes.

Alan Dean, our Technical Director has been involved since the inception of the program: “We did begin the current Tex Fun classes in 2012, but there was a prior version that started sometime around 1992 or 1993 and ran through the early 2000's.  Those classes were held in Guilford, ME (week 1) and East Douglas, MA (week 2).  Yes, a 2-week class, which included "field trips" to a couple of Textile Museums!  It was eventually shortened to one week.  Those original 2-week classes were for internal folks only, mostly Sales associates to start.  We started inviting customers to the "shortened 1-week class.”

Fall 2019 session

You can follow our stories on Instagram to get a glimpse of what's going on during the event! This Fall, the sessions are fully booked, so don't miss your chance to attend the spring session.  Please call your sales representative if you're interested in learning more about creating fabric!

Stay tune, in our next blog we will be featuring: Yarn:  the fiber difference between natural vs synthetic yarns and their physical properties