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Duvaltex engineers and manufactures base textiles for wildland firefighting, station wear garments and various first responders applications. Our high-breathability textiles deliver the most efficient combination of protection and comfort for daily operations.

Textiles designed specifically for:

Wildland firefighting (NFPA 1977)
Station wear (NFPA 1975)

At Duvaltex, we engineer, design and manufacture advanced and sustainable protective textiles. Leading innovation in personal protective textiles, we collaborate with our clients to meet the most stringent specification standards. We use groundbreaking technologies to create innovative textiles that can be used to enhance product design, add value to products, or reduce environment impact.

Our Canadian and American state-of-the-art facilities offer unmatched capabilities to meet all our client's production needs – no matter the volume. They also have the capability to run small trials, while on-site R&D labs allow for quick testing – empowering us to quickly bring new textile innovations to market.

All products manufactured at our American facilities are Berry compliant, and all products from our Canadian facilities meet Made in Canada requirements.



We offer an unmatched capability to meet all our partners’ needs – no matter the volume, level of customization or turnaround required.

We particularly distinguish ourselves by our ability to mass-produce custom designs, providing our partners with personalized textile production.

  • Mass-customization and high-volume capabilities
  • Unparalleled quality consistency


From one generation to the next, the Duval family has always been a sustainability pioneer. In the early 1950s, we were the largest North American recycled wool manufacturer. Our unique approach — focused on reusing discarded materials and reducing waste — has inspired the industry. In 2001 we launched the first North American-made eco-friendly fabric. Since then, a hundred million yards of sustainable fabric have been produced in our factories from materials diverted from oceans and landfills. We continue to lead the way with new sustainable textiles inspired by advanced circular economy models — creating value for future generations. We aim to create leave-no-trace textile solutions which will enable design without compromise.

  • Biodegradable polyester
  • Polyester from ocean waste
  • Plant-based eco textile


An engineering force behind leading brands, we support our partners in the creation of advanced and sustainable textiles. Through our fully vertical integration, we bring them both fiber and textile innovations in a deep co-creative process. This unique collaboration enable us to go beyond aesthetics and rethink how textiles can be used to enhance design, add value to products, and reduce their environmental impact. Together, we are shaping the next generation of products.

  • Textile engineering
  • Co-creative approach
  • Fully integrated vertical manufacturer