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Technical Knitting

Set yourself apart with Teknit's sustainable innovation.


We are North America’s leading producer of technical knit fabrics and have been at the forefront of knit innovation for over 30 years. Our innovative solutions have enabled countless product manufacturers to integrate precisely engineered fabric components with the crafted, bespoke aesthetic and function their brand and customers require.


If your manufactured end use products include a fabric covering component, Teknit is the logical source for optimal aesthetic appeal, functionality, ease of assembly and sustainability.

Whether you’re looking for standard open line fabrics or innovative idea starters for exclusive customized styles, Teknit offers an unmatched range of knit-to-fit constructions and designs in a vast array of classic and trend-forward colors, textures and graphic patterns that become an extension of your product design.

Sustainable By Design

Conventional "subtractive” manufacturing practices involve cutting away from fabric roll goods to yield the required fabric part for the end use product.
Technical knit components produced by Teknit are part of an “additive” manufacturing process that involves building up the necessary fabric parts to the precise shape and size required. Our components are produced with zero waste and shipped to product manufacturers ready-to-assemble.

Everything we do starts with our team of dedicated employees with extensive experience and training in technical/3D knitting.
It is the unique knowledge, creativity and talent of our people that truly sets us apart and has made Teknit the North American leader in technical knitting. We provide the support and expertise you need at every stage of your product design and development process. From concept to development to production, we engineer your knit fabric components to be as simple or complex as required, as well as sustainable and profitable.

Teknit's coverings are highly customizable and engineered to accommodate even the most complex designs—while enhancing ergonomics, performance, and comfort. Our knitting technology provide flexibility for a wide and diverse range of applications.

“We use state-of-the-art Stoll computer programmed ADF and CMS technical/3D knitting machines that allow us to make knit fabric componants made-to-order with quick lead time, while offering the flexibility of low minimums and quick machine set-up times.”

— Duvaltex Teknit Development Team