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March 16, 2020

Dear Customers,

We wish to inform you that in the context surrounding the Covid-19 and the ensuing actions taken by U.S., Canadian, and Quebec governments, Duvaltex's management team has decided to take new preventive measures effective immediately.

Manufacturing and supply chain:

1) All Duvaltex, Victor Textiles, True Textiles, Teknit in Canada and in the United States plants are open and we expect no interruption of production.

2) We have put in place an action plan to avoid any service interruption:
       i) Crisis unit management team
      ii) Supply chain monitoring
     iii) Daily updated communications to employees

3) We reviewed our raw material sources and inventory position and maintain a monitoring system to assure a seamless service.

4)  Products are produced from yarns extruded in US and/or Canada and our piece-dyed are made in our facility based in Canada. We are closely monitoring dye availability, since many of these originate from China, South Korea or other Asian countries. We do not face capacity problems yet.

5) No product interruption is expected for the time being. If any risks or problems arise, we will communicate with you to establish a clear mitigation plans, offering alternate products and/or solutions.

Foreign travels for our employees:

1. Until further notice, all business travels by public transports from the U.S. to all foreign countries, including Canada, are not permitted. However, traveling to Canada by car is allowed.

2. The same rules apply to business travels from Canada to foreign countries, including the U.S, except by car.

3. Anyone coming back from a foreign country using public transports will not be allowed in our facilities before having completed a medical questionnaire and having had a waiting period of at least 14 consecutive days.

Duvaltex's management is putting in place a crisis management team which will continue to monitor the situation very closely. Rest assured that we will take the necessary actions as deem necessary and recommended by governmental health agencies. We will keep you updated of any new measures or information regarding this situation.

Should you need additional information or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

On behalf of the whole Duvaltex team, thank you for your continued trust.

Alain Duval
CEO, Duvaltex