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Who we are

Your trusted textile partner

Weaving tradition and innovation into outstanding textile products

Duvaltex designs, develops, and manufactures high quality fabrics with the help of hundreds of skilled and dedicated employees.

As the sum of North America's top four textile brands - Victor, True, Teknit, and Guilford of Maine - Duvaltex is North America's largest contract textile manufacturer and boasts the richest weaving tradition in the industry. With the combined experience of its four brands, there’s nothing Duvaltex can’t do.

All four brands are market leaders, providing innovative textile solutions for the commercial, hospitality, institutional, and healthcare markets.


A trusted partner


You're in good hands

We nurture strong relationships—with our clients and within our organization—and control every step of the production process to offer fully integrated textile solutions. That's why we're the perfect partner for creating unique, distinctive fabrics. Bring us your ideas and we'll bring them to life.



Mission, vision & values

A customer-driven company


Enrich the world by enhancing people's well-being​ and safety with advanced and sustainable textile materials​​.



Accelerate a global transition toward innovative and sustainable materials, while providing  a path to exponential design possibilities.




Delight our Customers​

  • Get to know our customers (internal and external)
  • Create value for customers in everything we do​​​​
  • Leverage partnerships throughout the supply chain​​​​
  • Participate in developing innovative global solutions


  • Be bold and challenge the status quo​​​
  • Take calculated risks​​​
  • Recognize trial-and-error as an intrinsic part of innovation​​​
  • Encourage thinking outside of the box​​​
  • Work on becoming a Learning Organization​​​

Collective Success

  • Be motivated, proactive and entrepreneurial ​​​
  • Work together on growing and prospering as individuals and as an organization​​​
  • Support and promote employee and organizational​ achievements, and celebrate success together​​​
  • ​Collaborate between teams and departments to reach common objectives​​​
  • ​Treat people with respect and build ​trusting relationships​


  • Always put health and safety first​​​
  • Find ways to make the work environment more​​​ pleasant
  • Encourage positive thinking and communication ​among employees​​​
  • Establish a culture of balanced well-being through improvements to the social, physical, psychological and economic environment​


A young company rich with the experience of past generations.

Duvaltex may have been created in 2015, but the quality craftmanship of its three brands - Victor, True Textiles, Teknit, and Guilford of Maine - has been over a hundred years in the making.

  • 1865

    Guilford Woolen opens its first mill

  • 1877

    A second mill opens in Elkin, North Carolina

  • 1947

    The Duval family founds Victor

  • 1977

    Guilford of Maine launches its FR701 fabric

  • 1985

    Victor enters the commercial fabric market

  • 1994

    True Design Studio opens in New York City

  • 1997

    Victor Design Studio opens in New York City

  • 2000

    Victor adds a new state-of-the art mill in Saint-Georges

  • 2003

    Victor launches the first eco friendly fabric in North America

  • 2015

    is founded and acquires True Textiles

  • 2019

    Industry-first 100% post-consumer recycled biodegradable polyester*

An environmental conscience


“There is no better business practice than the responsible use of resources.”

Current president Alain Duval remembers his grandfather's determination to reduce waste and reuse materials. Born out of necessity, those fundamental values still guide our operations today. The sustainability certifications we've earned over the years and our continued efforts to reduce our environmental footprint are part of a longstanding commitment to sustainability and the responsible use of resources.

Read our 2022 emission report


*Rate and extent of biodegradation into elements found in nature is 91% after 1,278 days under ASTM D5511 (Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Conditions). The test was done with the same component (PET) polyester and biocatalyst additive. No evidence of further degradation.