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Emerge from the shadows.

Tactility you can see as well as feel. Emerge has pockets of depth that shape and reshape our response as we draw closer. Emerge invites us to relax and luxuriate in a color palette that enriches its surroundings. The colors exude sensory comfort, from the deep inky blue of squid ink to the delicate rose-tinted warmth of terracotta.

Selected color: Clay 904
Price: $31.00
Quantity (yard)
Composition 81% Post-consumer recycled biodegradable polyester
19% Pre-consumer recycled biodegradable polyester
Weight 12.4 ± 1 oz./lin. yd.
Usable Width 54"
Repeat Vertical 18.25"
Repeat Horizontal 12"
Backing None
Treatment None
Pattern Type Large Scale
Performances Bleach Cleanable
Breaking Strength
Breaking Strength (ASTM D5034)
Seam Slippage (ASTM D4034)
Pilling resistance (ASTM D3511)
265 lbf min. warp and 286 lbf min. fill
106 lbf min. warp and 108 lbf min. fill
Class 4 min.
Colorfastness to Light Colorfastness to Light (AATCC 16.3 Option 3) Grade 4.5 min. at 40 hours
Colorfastness to Crocking Colorfastness to Crocking (AATCC 8) Grade 4 min. dry & Grade 4 min. wet
Wyzenbeek Abrasion resistance Wyzenbeek Abrasion resistance (ASTM D4157) 100000 Double rubs min. cotton duck
Flammability Flammability CA Technical Bulletin 117-2013 Section 1
NFPA 260-2013 Class I
Innovation Biodegradable Clean Impact Textiles®
Standard Care Label W-S
Cleaning Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure, water free solvents.
Disinfection May also be disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and quaternary ammonium (quat) based cleaners.
Vacuuming Vacuuming or light brushing is recommended to prevent dust and soil buildup.
Bleach Cleanable May be cleaned with a 10% bleach-to-water solution. Rinse well after cleaning.