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DUVALTEX launches its new biodegradable* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® panel and seating collection : The New Essentials

Press release | May 7, 2024

Duvaltex, a global leader in sustainable textiles, is introducing 3 new biodegradable* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® patterns called The New Essentials.

The New Essentials collection prioritizes sustainable solutions without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. Ease, Expanse, and Tweedscape work seamlessly together, each element complementing the others in texture, tone, and purpose. This cohesive ecosystem allows you to create spaces where all three fabrics can thrive in unison. The collection offers two panel & acoustic and one upholstery fabric, all crafted from fully biodegradable materials (as tested under ASTM D5511 standard, biodegrading in under four years). These elements seamlessly integrate to form a harmonious whole, requiring minimal effort to create spaces that radiate both tranquility and purpose.

As Joel Sergerie, Marketing Director of Duvaltex, emphasizes, "it is our shared responsibility to preserve our resources and promote significant change through the textiles we produce, as well as through the product choices made by our customers." CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® have been designed to reduce the environmental impact of textiles, enabling the world's leading brands to reconsider the methods of production, utilization, and recycling of products, ultimately leading to a better future.

The New Essentials – Consciously crafted for the future.

Minimalism has taken a turn, embracing a warmer, soothing, and refreshing aesthetic. The New Essentials reflects that shift in design sensibilities and makes a sustainable statement that reflects our commitment to a future where design meets responsibility and aesthetics seamlessly blend with performance and well-being.

Ease 1401 - Panel & Acoustic
Available in 12 colors

Ease is a panel and acoustic fabric designed to create a calming presence in every space. Its gentle appearance fosters tranquility and reflects the material's sustainable nature. Colors are defined through subtlety and nuance that murmur and whisper in soothing tones, gentle arrivals, and soft landings made powerful by a departure that leaves no trace behind.

Expanse 1402 - Panel & Acoustic
Available in 8 colors

Find peace in the expansive embrace of this panel and acoustic fabric’s neutral palette drawn from the hushed tones of the natural world. The calming tones of Expanse, evoke the tranquility of wide-open spaces, interwoven with subtle hints of familiarity and comfort. Breathe in the calm, exhale the noise, and find solace in leaving a gentler footprint on the earth with this biodegradable choice.

Tweedscape 2193 - Seating

Available in 13 colors

Reminiscent of a traditional woven tweed but reimagined through a contemporary lens where grids take a backseat to a more organic pattern of softer edges and blurred lines, the visual structure is soft on the eye, exuding an inviting warmth that beckons to be touched. Earthy neutral colors that defy clear definitions invite us to slow down, to truly see, and to appreciate the exquisite complexity that unfolds within a single shade.

Click here to learn more about The New Essentials.

About Duvaltex

Duvaltex is North America's largest office furniture textile manufacturer and a leading supplier of protective textiles. While enhancing people's well-being and safety, Duvaltex specializes in the design and production of advanced textile solutions and sustainable textile materials. Duvaltex is committed to changing the way products are made, used and reused, creating value for future generations. For more information, visit duvaltex.com.

CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® is an innovative brand that promotes sustainable textile technologies and initiatives. Its goal is to develop and design technologies and initiatives that minimizes the environmental impact of the materials used at the end of their useful life. This allows for CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® to empower leading brands to rethink the way products are made, used and reused – thereby empowering change and designing the future. For more information, visit cleanimpacttextiles.com.

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Joel Sergerie, Marketing Director
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