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DUVALTEX launches its new CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® seating collection: Turning the Tide

Press release | August 23, 2023

Duvaltex, a global leader in Contract Textiles and a pioneer in sustainable textiles is introducing 2 new CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® seating patterns that go beyond just a simple fabric by addressing the daunting problem of pollution of oceans by plastic. Made from a combination of upcycled ocean waste plastic with post-consumer recycled plastics, CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® is improving the environmental condition of our planet as well as providing consumers with industry-leading, sustainable textiles.

“We have a common responsibility to preserve our resources and empower real change through the textiles we create, but also through product decisions that our customers make,” stated Joel Sergerie, Marketing Director of Duvaltex. “CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® minimized the impact of textiles on the environment to empower the world’s leading brands to rethink the way products are made, used and reused – thereby designing a better future.”.

Turning the Tide – A collection for the world we live in now.

One where the boundaries of work, home, and leisure are not just blurred but entirely fluid, encouraging us to concentrate or relax as the moment finds us. A world that requires a thoughtful approach to interiors, colors that soothe and inspire, and textures that add a sense of ease and welcome.
Inspired by soothing patterns and textures found in nature, Tidal and Poseidon combine texture and tone in patterns that draw on our affinity for the ocean. Color palettes that reflect the diversity of hues and moods that we associate with the well-being that comes from the reassurance that the tide will always turn.
Both include oceanic waste as part of their material structure, converting plastics into wool-like fabrics that add depth and sophistication to these eco-conscious designs. Use them together or separately to explore a new kind of sea change, where technology and material innovation are fused with tactile comfort to create environments where we feel both nurtured and inspired.

Poseidon 1306
Ocean Waste

Most often known as the Greek god of the Sea, Poseidon is also the husband of the earth. This style unites both meanings as it transforms ocean waste plastics into a substantial wool-like fabric featuring the rich earthy tones of traditional tweed—a powerful combination of environmental and aesthetic appeal that works across a broad spectrum of sectors. Its 20 available colors convey a perception of warmth and comfort that resembles those found in our oceans.

Tidal 2180
Ocean Waste

Embrace the tidal change of innovation as we move toward more sustainable materials. Constructed using a clever composition incorporating upcycled ocean waste, Tidal’s deeply textured pattern echoes the ocean’s depth but calls us back to the surface. A powerful contrast that adds structure and warmth to this versatile style that creates its own comfort zone. With 20 colors offered provide a wide range of choice from contrasting neutrals to bright earthy tones.

Both of these new styles incorporated ocean waste plastics from the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which cooperates with fishermen, non-profits as well as waste management and recycling companies to recycle ocean plastic waste. This waste is processed and upcycled into polymer to be used as yarn. Then, Duvaltex transforms it into sustainable textiles for many different commercial needs, such as office spaces, decor accents, vertical applications, and acoustic panels.

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About Duvaltex
Duvaltex is North America's largest office furniture textile manufacturer and a leading supplier of protective textiles. While enhancing people's well-being and safety, Duvaltex specializes in the design and production of advanced textile solutions and sustainable textile materials. Duvaltex is committed to changing the way products are made, used and reused, creating value for future generations. For more information, visit duvaltex.com.


CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® is an innovative brand that promotes sustainable textile technologies and initiatives. Its goal is to develop and design technologies and initiatives that minimizes the environmental impact of the materials used at the end of their useful life. This allows for CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® to empower leading brands to rethink the way products are made, used and reused – thereby empowering change and designing the future. For more information, visit cleanimpacttextiles.com.


Joel Sergerie, Marketing Director
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* Rate and extent of biodegradation into elements found in nature is 91% after 1,278 days under ASTM D5511 (Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Conditions). The test was done with the same component (PET) polyester and biocatalyst additive. No evidence of further degradation.