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A deep dive into our Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES®

Blog | June 16, 2023

Ocean waste has been a significant problem for decades. At least 8 million tons of plastics end up in our oceans each year. Floating plastic debris and waste plastic found on beaches and riverbanks are currently the most abundant items of marine litter.

Duvaltex was the first to offer 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fiber, which integrates recycled content to its textiles. However, our Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® have elevated the market's options for sustainable textiles that help preserve our waterways.

Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® have been developed in collaboration with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, which cooperates with fishers, non-profits as well as waste management and recycling companies to recycle ocean plastic waste. This waste is processed and upcycled into polymer to be used as yarn. Then, Duvaltex transforms it into sustainable textiles for many different commercial needs, such as office spaces, decor accents, vertical applications and acoustic panels.

“What makes our approach so different is that we use upcycled marine plastic from all types of sources, whether it is from oceans, beaches, riverbanks, shores, etc. Because we obtain plastics from a wider spectrum of sources, Duvaltex can confidently say that for every yard of Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® we produce, up to a half pound of plastics have been removed from our waters,” Joel Sergerie, Senior Product Manager at Duvaltex.

Duvaltex's Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® are completely recyclable—all while offering similar performance, hand and design versatility as conventional fabrics. Designers looking for a competitive edge can count on these new solutions to offer beautiful on-trend colors and patterns in conjunction with a storytelling that is sure to delight clients.

Duvaltex will continue to innovate and broaden its Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® offering in the near future, with added colors and patterns. “There is still a lot we can accomplish in recovering and recycling ocean plastic waste. We're committed to removing even more of it for the benefit of our customers,” Joel said.

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