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Guilford of Maine

Now a Duvaltex collection.

To continue the legacy of one of the most renowned brands in the textile industry, Duvaltex is launching the Guilford of Maine Collection a selection of timeless favorites.

This carefully curated selection is a testament to the enduring appeal and impeccable craftsmanship that Guilford of Maine has epitomized for decades.

Iconic collection

Renowned for its exceptional performance and design, Guilford of Maine has left an indelible mark on the textile industry’s landscape. The brand’s solutions have consistently raised the bar and set new industry standards, from the performance of their iconic acoustics to their unmatched panel fabrics. Thanks to this remarkable heritage, Duvaltex honors Guilford of Maine.

Part of Duvaltex

As the Guilford of Maine Collection joins the illustrious ranks of Duvaltex, it not only preserves its history but also becomes the springboard for the future. This harmonious union of heritage and innovation guarantees an enduring legacy that will continue to shape the textile industry for years to come.