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The design story behind CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES®

Blog | June 16, 2023

Over the past few years, Duvaltex's CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® have truly become a voice of change. Architects and designers are looking to address clients' requirements for sustainable commercial textiles with a distinctive advantage for a more eco-conscious approach to interior design.

Duvaltex's CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® undoubtedly offer the same performance and hand as other fabrics that the industry is accustomed to. However, design can never be compromised. That is why we sat down with Joel Sergerie, Senior Product Manager at Duvaltex, to explore his approach to designing collections fabrics that are biodegradable* or made from ocean plastic waste.

Inspired by the ebb and flow of ocean waves, Marin, part of Ocean Waste CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES®, features a tonal pattern that is subtly moving. Piece-dyed with two kinds of polyester that dye differently, this fabric's subdued organic pattern pays tribute to light reflecting and playing across the water. Calming by nature, the large-scale pattern is gorgeously subtle. Offered in very saturated colors, this textile is ideal for acoustic, accent panel and branding applications for customers looking to add a touch of boldness. Soft-colored, fashion-forward neutrals are also available to offer a comforting look.

Marin 1300

Biodegradable*, Purpose fully takes an active stance in sustainability—and bring it to the next level. “It is really exciting to finally create a textile that can be reused and, at the end of its useful life, quickly biodegrade and leave the planet without a trace,” said Joel. Designed with a clean and crisp texture, Purpose's very architectural and structured surface is elegant, formal and classic. Navigating between solid colors for accent pieces as well as a range of greys and creams, it is all about the weave intertwining with one another.

Purpose 1302

Offering a more organic and cozier feel, biodegradable* Resolve is perfect for incorporating a wellness vibe into any space. Resolve is all about soothing comfort. Reminiscent of natural, random and more physical textures—much like bark or stones on a beach—this textile graces this fabric in an ode to nature. Subdued, bleach-cleanable Resolve stays true to its name: a stalwart backdrop to any classic or modern design. It is resolutely contemporary with the warmth many designers and architects crave.

Resolve 1301

“We drew such an inspiration from nature to put our sustainability mission front and center,” said Joel. “We really can't wait for the upcoming collections, which are sure to inspire designers' creativity even more.”

*Rate and extent of biodegradation into elements found in nature is 91% after 1,278 days under ASTM D5511 (Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Conditions). The test was done with the same component (PET) polyester and biocatalyst additive. No evidence of further degradation.