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Together, let’s go beyond the usual sustainability promises and empower real changes.


We created CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® because, at Duvaltex, we believe that performance should never be limited by sustainability and that you shouldn’t have to choose between beauty and durability. That’s why we reuse discarded materials and reduce waste, setting new benchmarks for our industry. We set the highest standards in design and materials we use and continue to create and innovate so that together we can make a difference for our planet.

Designed with sustainability in mind, CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® fabrics are made from repurposed throwaway materials and combine innovative technologies that minimize their environmental impact at the end of their useful life. More than textiles, they are a solution. They empower the world’s best brands to rethink the way products are made, used and reused – thereby designing the future.


Our unique approach — focused on reusing discarded materials and reducing waste — aims to reduce as much as possible the impact of textile manufacturing on the environment.

Going beyond the usual sustainability promises, we crafted a new and advanced bi-circular textile economy model — whereby polyester fabric, at the end of its useful life, can either be recycled or sent to landfill to be biodegraded.

By providing our partners unique textiles that are changing the way products are made, used and reused, we enable them to join in collective efforts – positively impacting both people and our planet.

“What makes the biodegradable technology really interesting is being able to create a close loop. It keeps recycled material from becoming land waste and greatly reduces our carbon footprint.”

— Duvaltex Development Team