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September 19, 2022

DUVALTEX launches its new CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® upholstery collection:

A collection for optimists

Launch of 4 new biodegradable* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® upholstery patterns inspired by nature and architecture

Quebec City (Quebec), September 19, 2022 — Duvaltex, a global leader in Contract Textiles and a pioneer in sustainable textiles is introducing 4 new biodegradable* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® upholstery patterns that go beyond just a simple fabric by addressing the daunting problem of how to deal with polyester at the end of its useful life. Made from recycled content, biodegradable* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® can either be recycled and contribute to the circular economy or sent to landfill to be biodegraded* at the end of their useful life.

“Using recycled materials that reduces the carbon footprint is crucial, but if the material is not put back in a closed loop system or recycling system, it will go to land waste and contribute to pollution,” stated Joel Sergerie, Marketing Director of Duvaltex. “Biodegradable* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® solves the pollution problem by positively contributing to a sustainable future by biodegrading in landfill at rates comparable to natural fibers such as wool instead of hundreds of years for regular polyester.”

Available through Duvaltex's Guilford of Maine® distribution channel, A Collection for Optimists recognizes our surroundings by drawing inspiration from the rich colors found in nature and shapes commonly found in architecture. Focusing on capturing a sense of wellbeing and comfort, all 4 patterns in this collection are designed to work in harmony with each other. The colors and patterns are ideal for the modern hybrid spaces that blend leisure and workplace, as well as hospitality settings.

Emerge has pockets of depth that go beyond what you see but gives a feeling of shapes that change and reshape as we touch across it. Emerge invites us to relax and luxuriate in a color palette that enriches its surroundings. The 15 available colors exude sensory comfort, from the deep inky blue of squid ink to the delicate rose-tinted warmth of terracotta.

Reframe has intersecting lines that creates a rhythm of your choosing, whether it's a framework grip or a hand-stitched pathway. Its 10 colors are rich, natural base colors that are accented and highlights by a structural pattern open to interpretation.

Rise offers geometric precision tempered by transparency. Softly layered colors flow across the surface in a series of hexagons that add an architectural twist. The subtle shift of tones contrasts against the background colors to motion and depth add a sense of movement that rises gently to the surface. Available in 8 distinctive colors.

Shift's small scale intricate pattern is seen on both a micro and macro level to embrace other patterns surrounding it but capable of a singular expression. Its 16 soothing colors have an understated approach that delivers no less a powerful presence.

All 4 new patterns are made with 100% recycled biodegradable* polyester, thus protecting our natural resources. Additionally, setting this upholstery collection apart; Reframe, Rise, and Shift have an integrated biodegradable* acrylic backcoating that eases cutting and facilitates the upholstering of the fabric, and biodegrades* at the same rate as the polyester, making it a complete biodegradable* upholstery fabric solution. Furthermore, both Reframe and Rise have a fluorocarbon free C0 stain & water repellent applied that is non-toxic and is not harmful to the environment versus other stain & water repellents.     

All 4 new patterns in A Collection for Optimists are now available through Duvaltex's Guilford of Maine sales channel and can be ordered by the yard. To learn more about this collection or other CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® from Duvaltex, visit cleanimpacttextiles.com/duvaltex/ and  follow on Instagram @duvaltex.


About Duvaltex
Duvaltex is North America's largest office furniture textile manufacturer and a leading supplier of protective textiles. While enhancing people's well-being and safety, Duvaltex specializes in the design and production of advanced textile solutions and sustainable textile materials. Duvaltex is committed to changing the way products are made, used and reused, creating value for future generations. For more information, visit duvaltex.com.



CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® is an innovative brand that promotes sustainable textile technologies and initiatives. Its goal is to develop and design technologies and initiatives that minimizes the environmental impact of the materials used at the end of their useful life. This allows for CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES® to empower leading brands to rethink the way products are made, used and reused – thereby empowering change and designing the future. For more information, visit cleanimpacttextiles.com.


Joel Sergerie, Marketing Director
418-227-9897, ext. 2200
[email protected]


* Rate and extent of biodegradation into elements found in nature is 91% after 1,278 days under ASTM D5511 (Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under High Solids Anaerobic Digestion Conditions). The test was done with the same component (PET) polyester and biocatalyst additive. No evidence of further degradation.