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February 7, 2022

DUVALTEX launches brand-new website to showcase its CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ brand

As an ongoing mission to develop innovative textiles that are more sustainable, DUVALTEX is pleased to announce its new CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ brand website.

Designed to showcase its innovations of 100% post-consumer recycled ocean waste and biodegradable* CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™, the website features sustainable contract textiles not only developed by DUVALTEX but also co-created with many of the company's esteemed partners, including LUUM, Steelcase and Knolltextiles.

DUVALTEX's CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ solution made from recovered ocean waste from the SEQUAL INITIATIVE, Marin, features a broad palette of 17 neutrals and rich colors that are acoustically transparent and fully recyclable.

Purpose and Resolve, another line of CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™, are offered in a wide array of colors. They are either fully recyclable or biodegradable*. Acoustically transparent, many of them are bleach cleanable for even faster and easier maintenance.

“Our CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ website is yet another step in our vision of creating sustainable textiles that play an integral part in the circular economy,” explained Joel Sergerie, Marketing Director at DUVALTEX. “We are excited to use this website as the springboard to bring more environmentally friendly solutions to the market. We are equally proud that our world-renowned partners have selected CLEAN IMPACT TEXTILES™ as part of their product development.”

For more information, visit: cleanimpacttextiles.com/duvaltex

About Duvaltex

Duvaltex is North America's largest office furniture textile manufacturer and leading protective textiles provider. By enhancing people's well-being and safety, Duvaltex specializes in the design and production of advanced textile solutions and sustainable textile materials. Duvaltex is committed to changing the way products are made, used and reused, creating value for future generations.

For more information, visit: cleanimpacttextiles.com/duvaltex


*Rate and extent of biodegradation into elements found in nature is 91% after 1,278 days under ASTM D5511 (Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials Under High Solids Anaerobic Digestion conditions). The test was done with the same component (PET) polyester and biocatalyst additive. No evidence of further degradation.