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Production Worker Weave Utility

Guilford, Maine, United States


  • assist and operate equipment to produce fabric
  • daily assist and support weave department and coworkers in all areas as needed, cross train
  • operate and monitor looms
  • tie knots, fix broken ends, start looms, run knots thru looms, and fill creels (use splice guns when needed)
  • read and understand drafts
  • perform duties and procedures of warp starter, leasor, and tyer
  • remove and replace warps and harnesses from looms
  • transport warps to and from looms via warp jack
  • make necessary adjustments using hand tools
  • install lease chains, roll up excess warps, remove empty beams, replace full beams on looms
  • rack warps, set up draws, lift up harnesses, clean harnesses
  • balance looms and pull shaft out of beams
  • patrol and monitor quality, take appropriate action to solve quality/safety issues, report to supervision
  • demonstrate acceptable efficiency standards
  • responsible for completing check list for TPM at loom, record breakdowns in fixer book
  • coordinate with off-going shift, including talking daily with arriving and departing shift counterparts and other staff concerning run information, ongoing problems
  • perform miscellaneous duties as necessary
  • follow safe work practices
  • support LEAN, safety, sustainability, and environmental initiatives


  • must have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • must have strong attention to detail
  • must be able to communicate effectively (both in writing and verbally)
  • must be able to prioritize duties and maintain schedule requirements
  • proven ability to work independently and in a team environment
  • must be dependable, punctual, and adhere to attendance policy
  • must adhere to all company policies and procedures
  • willingness to work overtime as needed
  • must be cooperative and willing to learn new responsibilities


  • weaving experience/manufacturing experience


  • ability to frequently stoop, kneel, reach, bend, crouch, lift, push, pull, twist, walk on catwalks
  • must be able to lift and carry bulky and heavy objects up to 50 pounds
  • must have good eye, hand, and foot coordination, manual dexterity, visual acuity
  • ability to continuously stand and walk
  • the ability to wear a filtering face piece (dust mask) as needed
  • must be able to work in varying temperatures within manufacturing areas


Production Worker Weave Utility
Guilford, Maine, United States

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